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Sustain Your Fitness was created to remind you that a personal training program should be designed to follow you wherever life takes you. As your mind and body adapt to where you are now, a sustainable program will always get you to where you want to go.


A Bit About Me

Clair Riley- Owner, Lead Trainer

After five years of a career as an intelligence analyst for large corporations as well as the federal government, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a personal trainer. I began my career as a full-time personal trainer for a large fitness club in Chicago, Illinois. From there, I gained continued education and certifications in areas of fitness I am passionate about. 

Upon moving to Hoboken, New Jersey amidst a global pandemic, I decided it was time to pursue a second dream of starting my own personal training business. I am driven by creating genuine human connections and understanding what motivates you. I am here to ensure you reach your health and fitness goals by developing a fitness program that is both individualized and sustainable as your body adapts and strengthens. Fitness programs are not one size fits all; I am excited to be here to help you determine what fit is best for you and how to sustain that over time.


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Hear What Others Have to Say

"I have been working with Clair for about six months and couldn't be happier. She has pushed me in every workout. She is supportive, gives great feedback, and makes adjustments based on my goals. What sets her a part is her commitment to her clients, I can't recommend her enough!"

Kathryn R

"Prior to COVID-19, Sustain your Fitness programming allowed me to achieve my goals of gaining muscle mass. Since gyms closed, Clair helped me improvise and adjust to what was available. I love our workouts and that she keeps me motivated and accountable!"

Tim V

"What I needed most was guidance and direction when it came to my health and fitness, Clair helped me tremendously with that. She put a personalized plan in place that was realistic for me, and we worked our way up from there. She’s been a great trainer, but more importantly she’s authentic and I appreciate that the most. I am in better shape now than back when I was as a student athlete, my confidence is back!"

Kyle J

"Clair was the first trainer I worked with on a regular basis and from the start she put me at ease- I never felt judged! She came to each workout with a set plan and was always able to modify exercises to match my level. I was continually impressed by her investment in her clients- it's obvious that she loves what she does and wants to help you achieve your goals."

Kiley J


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